Girls Out On The Town

By | October 18, 2019

Women are a bit of a mystery to most men. For instance, guys like me often find it hard to figure out what women really like doing on a night out. I used to be into dating London escorts, but I am trying to curve my London escort addiction now. That is easier said than done. The girls I meet now are so different from the ones I used to date when I was only dating London escorts. The best way I can describe it is as being out of my comfort zone.

The other night I went out on a date with a girl that I had met when I was out drinking with my mates. It was sort of an ordinary date if you know what I mean. I took her out for dinner and we had a long nice chat. Instead of just letting her go home on her own, I actually walked her home. One of the girls I used to date at my London escorts service told me that girls like it when a man walks them home. I think I got it right, this girl was seriously impressed. Needless to say, I did not tell her that the advice had come from a girl who worked for a London escorts agency.

I am planning to take this girl out again, but I don’t know what to do for a second date. We have been out to dinner so I really would like to do something different. If it was a girl from a London escorts agency, things would be easy. I would ask her to come around to see me, but as this girl does not work for a London escorts agency, I can’t really ask for an outcall. Maybe I should try to take her out for the day or go somewhere special like to the zoo.

What I did not do on my first date with this girl was to found out what she likes. The girls I used to date at London escorts always used to found out what I liked and I guess I should have tried to do the same thing. The thing is that she seemed to love to have fun. I think that taking her out for the night in London to a themed bar or even the ABBA party in Richmond may just work. That is just one of the days that I have at the moment. I also know that she likes flowers so perhaps I could take her to the flower market.

It is not easy to get back into dating ordinary girls when you have been dating London escorts for a long time. It is a totally different experience and I really don’t know how to approach it. I seemed to get on with this girl, okay and we spent a lot of our time talking. That to me was a really good thing. One of the reasons I used to date London escorts was because I never felt really comfortable around women. Thanks to this girl, I think that is slowly beginning to change. Hopefully, I will be able to drop my London escorts habit altogether and be with only one girls

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